Nylon shapes are produced by either extrusion or casting and the most common engineering ones are PA6 and PA66. 

Modifiers are added to enhance desirable characteristics.



Ertalon 6SA - High mechanical and damping properties
Ertalon 66SA - Higher mechanical properties and better dimensional stability
Ertalon 6PLA - Monomer cast, similar properties to 66SA
Ertalon 6XAU - Higher mechanical, wear and creep properties than 6PLA
Ertalon LFX - Self-lubricating, increased wear resistance and reduced co-efficient of friction.
Nylatron GS - High mechanical properties with MoS filler.
Nylatron MC 901 - High mechanical wear and creep resistance.



Excellent bearing properties
High impact strength and toughness
Low power factor requirements
High wear resistance
Very high sliding properties



High load bearings, wear pads, support and guide wheels, conveyor and tension rolls, wire rope sheaves, buffer pads, gears, etc.



Sheet, rod, tube, roll/tape, machined parts.