Polycarbonate UV Resistant

Product Description

Polycarbonate (PC UV 2)

SAFEGUARD - Sheet general purpose
SAFEGUARD HARD COATED - Abrasion resistance
ERTA PC - Sheet and rod (industrial)

Tough, easy to handle and easily fabricated to almost any shape, Polycarbonate is unique for its impact resistance and shock load resistance. Polycarbonate is light weight and well proven in situations that require a UV stabilized SEE THROUGH product in Precision Engineering, Architectural Glazing, Process Machine Guarding and General Manufacturing and Industrial Applications.


Excellent impact resistance (250 times stronger than glass)

Very good optical properties

Ability to be cold formed into thinner gauges

Moderate chemical and scratch resistance

Self extinguishing

Excellent acoustic properties 

Product Overview

Impact Resistance

Sliding Properties

Chemical Resistance


Safety and vandal resistant glazing, machine guards, sight glasses, safety visors, transparent instrument components, and electrical components.

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