Polyethylene is a member of the important family of polyolefin resins.

The most popular plastic in the world, for such a light versatile material, it has the simplest of all commercial polymers.

This polymer makes Shampoo bottles, bottles, beach spades, grocery bags,  children's toys, hoses and even bullet proof vests. 



Polystone 300 - HDPE Black Natural
Polystone 500 - HMWPE Natural/Colours
Polystone 7000 - UHMWPE Natural
Polystone Ultra - UHMWPE Green
Polystone SR - UHMWPE Black static reduced
Polystone 8000+ - UHMWPE Blue organic filler
Polystone Ezyslide lining systems



Excellent abrasion resistance
Very low co-efficient of friction
Very high surface release properties
High chemical resistance
Excellent impact resistance
Very good damping properties



Flow promoting liners to resist sliding abrasion and to assist release. Conveyor components subject to high wear and requiring low friction. Componentry in direct contact with foodstuffs. Parts subject to high impact stresses.



Sheet, rod