Cammthane are  here for your every need. Cammthane offer a consultation service for those projects that really need some dedicated brainpower. It could be a heavy machinery replacement part, or specifications for an innovative new product.

The trickier the problem, the more reason you need to consult with the experts - our Cammthane team.

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We can design and draw your part using the latest CAD software.

With this software you can look at 3D images of your part to help determine the right design. Using your CAD files we can look at manufacturing methods and design suitable tooling if needed.

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Our engineering department can help you know that your design will work. We can review your specifications or fully engineer your product. 

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Cammthane has been manufacturing engineering parts for over 25 years. We have a modern fully equipped factory that has the capability to handle your product. Whether it be casting polyurethane with our metered casting machines or final machining with our range of CNC machines.

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3D Scanning

At Cammthane we have access to Cammpro's modern high spec 3D Scanning service, providing you with highly accurate 3D models.

Our experienced team work with the latest systems to scan your part, then convert the scanned surfaces to provide you with the CAD file of choice or we can redesign the part to your new specifications to be 3D printed/machined all on site.

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3D Printing

3D Printing has been a revolution to design and manufacturing. This technology, which has only hit the mainstream in the last five years or so, has actually been around for more than thirty years now. Originally employed solely for the production of prototype components, mainly in the automotive sector, 3D printing technologies have now infiltrated the whole of global manufacturing.

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