Type X Switch Panel

Product Description

This Phenolic Resin based board, has a nonconductive modified surface film integrally bonded to the Phenolic core. The core material being a fully cured phenolic resin provides a durable panel base with long term structural stability and excellent chemical and moisture resistant properties.

Type X Switch panels are generally in Matt black and is available thicknesses that range 3mm to 25mm with a standard panel size of 2440 x 1220

Panels can be supplied in thickness of 3.0mm to 25.0 mm in Black colour with Matt finish or any other special finish and have an excellent wearing properties regardless of the finish specified. The Sheets can be supplied in the sizes of 1220mm x 2440mm or any required cut sizes.

These Type X meter panels are good for machining, drilling, cutting without any chipping, cracking, splitting or delamination. This is an asbestos free material having very low water absorption.


Non-Conductive, non-sparking and non-corrosive

Resistant to chemical, microbial attacks and to steam

High mechanical and impact strength



Bus bar supports

Meter boards