Ertalon 6PLA

Product Description

ERTALON 6PLA Natural (ivory) PA6G

The characteristics of this cast nylon grade come very close to those of ERTALON 66 SA. Its production method (direct polymerization in the mould) offers the possibility of manufacturing large-sized stock shapes as well as custom castings which require only minimal machining.

Product Overview

Impact Resistance

Sliding Properties

Wear Resistance

Electrical Properties

Chemical Resistance

ERTALONĀ® is used for a wide range of industrial components both for Original Equipment Manufacturing and maintenance.


Sleeve and slide bearings, wear pads, support and guide wheels, conveyor rolls, tension rollers, sleeves for wheels and rollers, pulley and pulley linings, cams, buffer blocks, hammer heads, scrapers, gear wheels, sprockets, seal-rings, feed screws, starwheels, cutting and chopping boards, insulators, etc.

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