Ertalon 6XAU+

Product Description


Ertalon 6 XAU is heat stabilised cast nylon 6 with a very dense and highly crystalline structure.

It offers better technical properties than conventional extruded or cast nylons: Superior resistance to creep and wear, better heat ageing performance and excellent machinability.

ERTALON 6XAU+ is particularly recommended for Bearings and other mechanical parts subject to wear which are operating at temperatures over 60°C.

Product Overview

Impact Resistance

Sliding Properties

Wear Resistance

Electrical Properties

Chemical Resistance

ERTALON® is used for a wide range of industrial components both for Original Equipment Manufacturing and maintenance.


Sleeve and slide bearings, wear pads, support and guide wheels, conveyor rolls, tension rollers, sleeves for wheels and rollers, pulley and pulley linings, cams, buffer blocks, hammer heads, scrapers, gear wheels, sprockets, seal-rings, feed screws, starwheels, cutting and chopping boards, insulators, etc.

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