Nyaltron GS

Product Description


Polyamide 66 (nylon66, PA 66 + MoS2)

The performance of nylon 66 can be enhanced by the incorporation of a filler.

NYLATRON® GS has been modified with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), which results in a material with even better wear resistance and a lower coefficient of friction. Stiffness, tensile strength and temperature resistance are also improved.

NYLATRON' GS is ideal for dynamic bearing and wear applications

Product Overview

Impact Resistance

Sliding Properties

Wear Resistance

Electrical Properties

Chemical Resistance

Standard Rod 3m long 

Diameter (mm):  6(Min)       50 (Max)  

Precision Ground Rod 3m long

Diameter (mm):  6(min)    50.8 (Max)        

Standard Plate 610mm side

Length:        1 m and 3m                                   
Thickness (mm):  8 (Min)    50 (Max)

Machined Plate 610mm x 1220mm

Thickness (mm): 1.59 (Min)  50.8 (Max) 

Coiled Strip

Thickness (mm): 0.25 (Min)  50.8 (Max)                                  
Width (mm):       25.4 (Min)   101.6 (Max)

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