Nyaltron NSM

Product Description


Polyamide 6 (nylon 6, PA 6G + lubricant)

A specially developed cast nylon 6 bearing grade material incorporating a solid lubricant.

This gives a much lower coefficient of friction than NYLATRONGSM and other nylons, with improved wear resistance, particularly in applications where external lubrication cannot be used.

NYLATRON-° NSM is ideal for high speed dry running bearing applications, at either low or high temperatures up to 100°C.

Product Overview

Impact Resistance

Sliding Properties

Wear Resistance

Electrical Properties

Chemical Resistance

Rod 1 m long

Diameter (mm): 50 (Min) 400 (Max)

Square rod 1 m long

Size (mm): 100 (Min) 400 (Max)

Plate - 1220mm wide x 2000mm long

Thickness (mm): 10 (Min) 50 (Max)

Plate - 610mm wide x 1220mm long

Thickness (mm) 60(Min) 100 (Max)

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